PLEASE PARDON OUR DUST as we modify our site, inventory, and work with our vendors to improve your shopping experience! Welcome to 2021! :-)

Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy:

We have an easy-going Shipping Policy. As a part of our commitment to ensuring that customers can make easy decisions, we have gone to a Free Shipping Policy. Life, Simplified, right?

Free shipping is free shipping. We won’t deviate from that. But still… read below in case if you need to know about specifics or secondary shipping options or for commercial purposes.

Default Shipping:

We are currently shipping across the Continental US but will expand to other Regions/Countries soon enough.

Please understand that many factors can play a part in shipping time such as weather conditions, accidents, and especially the Holiday Seasons such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Moreover, the country of origination will really say how long it will take. Yes, our default is free shipping.